Triumph Bantam Cub Links

Useful links for Bantam Cub and Super Cub owners

Below is a list of website links that I found useful and informative when I was restoring my Bantam Cub.

These are sources of general information and discussion. For details of suppliers go to the suppliers page.

The Tiger Cub Bible by Mike Estall
The Tiger Cub Bible

Mike has written the definative book on the Triumph Tiger Cub. The pdf extract published online includes a page on the T20B Bantam Cub complete with a photograph taken outside the factory. The Tiger Cub Bible is essential reading for anyone considering a Cub restoration project.

Veloce Publishing Ltd. ISBN13: 9781904788096, ISBN10: 1904788092.

Dating Certificates & Consolidated Parts List

Dating Certificate

Consolidated Parts List

Mike Estall maintains the official Tiger Cub Register and can provide dating certificates for all Tiger Cubs with valid frame numbers. These dating certificates provide some interesting information and can give details such as the date the bike left the factory and the original dealer they were shipped to.

They can also be very important if you have a Tiger Cub that is not on the UK DVLA computer. Before DVLA will register (or re-register) a vehicle they require documentary evidence of the vehicle's provenance; a Cub dating certificate from Mike is accepted for this purpose. You will also need Form V765 from DVLA.

Mike Estall's Consolidated Parts List and Index give useful sizes and references not covered in the official Parts Books.

For further information and dating on all Triumph Tiger Cub and Terrier models please contact Mike Estall on

Tiger Cub & Terrier Discussion Forum

This site is dedicated solely to Triumph Tiger Cubs and Terriers. In particular the Discussion Forum is a great source of help from a bunch of really friendly people who all share a passion for Triumph Tiger Cubs.

The forum is run by Steve Aikens who pays for all the administration and support himself so please take a few moments to use the 'Donation' button to help him keep it running.

The Cub Mag

The Cub Mag is a brand new, A5, printed magazine dedicated to Triumph Tiger Cubs and Terriers.

Published by the well-know motorbike journalist, GBC, the Cub Mag features all sorts of stories on rebuilds, riding, trials and off road Cubs, top tips and a shed load more of useful and interesting Cub stuff.

Tiger Cub Club

Tiger Cub Club

The official website for the Tiger Cub Club run in the UK by Mike Powell. The club has over 250 members, all of whom share a passion for Cubs.

The site is run in conjunction with - the website for Real Classic magazine.

Gorgeous Biker Chick's Blog

Gorgeous Biker Chick's Blog

Many of you may know GBC from her articles in Old Bike Mart and Classic Bike Guide.

GBC also owns a Tiger Cub and has raised thousands of pounds for charity riding her Cub around every county in Scotland.

Take a look at her blog to find out about her latest Tiger Cub adventures.

Ian Chadwick's History of Triumph Motorcycles

Ian Chadwick's Triumph Timeline

Ian Chadwick has compiled a time-line of Triumph motorcycles from the early origins at the end of the 19th century right up to the present day.

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