Triumph T20B Bantam Cub Information

Information on the Bantam Cub & Super Cub variants of the Triumph T20 Tiger Cub

The T20B 'Bantam Cubs' and 'Super Cubs' were the last of the famous Triumph Tiger Cub T20 motorbike range. This site provides information and links for anyone with an interest in these models.

Photo of Triumph T20B Bantam Cub

Triumph T20B Bantam Cub

Triumph Tiger Cub engine in a
BSA Bantam D7 frame/bike.

Photo of Triumph T20B Super Cub

Triumph T20B Super Cub

Triumph Tiger Cub engine in a
BSA Bantam D10 frame/bike.

I have owned a 1967 T20B Bantam Cub for over 40 years, although for some of that time it was stripped down and stored in boxes. In 2006 I decided to rebuild the bike and get it back on the road for it's 40th birthday the following year. I spent a great deal of time researching the model, and this website brings together much of the information I found.

Whether you are the owner of a Bantam Cub, or simply interested in classic Triumph motorcycles, I hope you find the site interesting.

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